Most Important Data Analytics Mcq With Answer

1. ———- data that depends on data model and resides in a fixed field within a record.

A : Structured data

B : Un-Structured data

C : Semi-Structured data

D : Scattere

2. ———- plot displays information as series of data points connected by straight lines.

A : Bar

B : Line

C : Scatter

D : Histogram

3. —————- is about developing code to enable the machine to learn to perform tasks and its basic principle is the automatic modeling of underlying that have generated the collected data.

A : Data Science

B : Data Analytics

C : Data Warehousing

D : Data mining

4. The ——– function creates a 2-D array with all values 1.

A : numpy. Ones()

B : numpy.zeros()

C : numpy.eye()

D : numpy.empty()

5. —————- method is dataframe reads first n rows from dataframe

A : head(n)

B : tail(n)

C : first(n)

D : start(n)

6. Numpy support this function to find trigonometric sine elementwise .

A : numpy.sin()

B : numpy.cosine()

C : numpy.tangent()

D : numpy.rad2sin(x1)

Computer Networks mcq questions and answers

7. Apriori algorithm is ————— machine learning algorithm.

A : Un- Supervised

B : Supervised

C : Both of these

D : None of These


8. Which library from python is used for implementing machine learning algorithms?

A : Scikit-Learn

B : Pandas

C : Matplotlib

D : Numpy

9. Which of the following is not a raster image file format?-





10. K- nearest neighbors algorithm is based on ————– learning

A : Un- Supervised

B : Supervised

C : Association

D : correlation

Data analytics mcq with answers

11. —————– is an example of human generated unstructured data.

A : YouTube data

B : Satellite data

C : Sensor data

D : Seismic imagery data

12. Which of the following is NOT supervised learning


B : Decision Tree

C : Linear Regression

D : Naive Bayesian

13. ———– is supervised machine learning algorithm outputs an optimal hyperplane for given labled training data


B : Support Vector Machines

C : Regression

D : Decision Tree


14. ———— rule mining is a technique to identify underlying relations between different items.

A : Classification

B : Regression

C : Clustering

D : Association

15. ————-type of analytics descibes what happened in past

A : Descriptive

B : Prescriptive

C : Predictive

D : Probability

16. —————– analysis estimates the relationship between single dependent variable and single independent variable

A : Simple Regression

B : Multiple regression

C : Correlation

D : Probability


17. ——- is basic data structure of pandas can be think of SQL table or a spreadsheet data representation.

A : Dataframe

B : series

C : list

D : ndarray

18. -From matplotlib—————— module is used for plotting various plots.

A : Scilearn

B : Pyplot

C : Scilab

D : Matlab

19. A perfect negative correlation is signified by ————-

A : 1

B : -1

C : 0

D : 2

20. In matplotlib library ————- module supports basic image loading, rescaling and display operations

A : picture

B : image

C : pyplot

D : sympy

Data analytics mcq questions and answers

21. ——— function from matplotlib.pyplot library plots bar graph for given values of x and y.

A : plot()

B : draw()

C : bar()

D : linedraw()


22. ———- is unsupervised technique aiming to divide a multivariate dataset into clusters or groups.


B : Support Vector Machines

C : Regression

D : Cluster analysis

23. ——– is most important language for Data Science.

A : Java

B : Ruby

C : R

D : None of these

24. The number of iterations in apriori ————–

A : increases with the size of the data

B : decreases with the increase in size of the data

C : increases with the size of the maximum frequent set

D : decreases with increase in size of the maximum frequent set

25. Which of the following is used as attribute selection measure in decision tree algorithms?

A : Information Gain

B : Posterior probability

C : Prior probability

D : Support

Big data analytics mcq

26. ———–is not one of the key data science skill.

A : Statistics

B : Machine Learning

C : Data Visualization

D : software tester

27. ————— searches for the linear optimal separating hyperplane for separation of the data using essential training tuples called support vectors

A : Decision tree

B : Association Rule Mining

C : Clustering

D : Support vector machines

28. ——————- is a one dimensiional array defined in pandas that can be used to store any data type.

A : Dict

B : series

C : ndarray

D : list

29. JSON file data is an example of ———-

A : Structured data

B : Un-Structured data

C : Semi-Structured data

D : Scattered


30. In regression the independent variable is also called as ———–

A : Regressor

B : Continuous

C : Regressand

D : Estimated

31. ———– function from scipy is used to calculate the distance between all pairs of points in a given set.

A : scipy.spatial.distance()

B : scipy.spatial.distance.measure()

C : scipy.spatial.distance.cdist()

D : distance(x1,y1)

32. Which of the following task is not performed by Data Scientist

A : Define the question

B : Create reproducible code

C : Challenge results

D : Staff Recruitement

33. To determine basic salary of a employee when his qualification is given is a ———– problem

A : Correlation

B : Regression

C : Association

D : Qualitative

34. Which function from numpy used to return the truncated value of the input elementwise?

A : round()

B : trunc()

C : del()

D : remove_decimal()

35. Apriori algorithm uses breadth first search and ————structure to count candidate item sets efficiently.

A : Decision tree

B : Hash tree

C : Red-Black Tree

D : AVL Tree

36. The strength (degree) of the correlation between a set of independent variables X and a dependent variable Y is measured by————-

A : Coefficient of Correlation

B : Coefficient of Determination

C : Standard error of estimate

D : Probability

37. When there is no impact on one variable when increse or decrese on other variable then it is ————

A : Perfect correlation

B : No Correlation

C : Positive Correlation

D : Negative Correlation

38.In matplotlib ————– is container class for figure instance.

A : Axes

B : Canvas

C : Figure

D : FigureCanvas

39. Plot_number parameter from subplot() function can range from 1 to —–

A : nrows*ncols

B : max

C : nrows

D : ncols

40.In unsupervised learning, scikit learn uses ——————- method to infer properties of the data..

A : extract()

B : transform()

C : infer()

D : classify()

41. In dataframe to compute summary statistics like mean, standard deviation, min and max count etc for each numerical column ———- function is used..

A : display()

B : head()

C : describe()

D : sort()

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