Most Asked Python Questions

In this article we will discuss about Most Asked Python Questions.

1)Which keyword is used for a function in the Python language?

The keyword used to define a function in Python is def.

2) What will be the output of the following Python code?

i = 1

The output of this code will be 1.

3) What do we use to define a block of code in the Python language?

In Python, we use indentation (whitespace at the beginning of lines) to define a block of code. Indentation is crucial in Python as it determines the scope and grouping of statements.

4) What is a single-line comment in Python?

A single-line comment in Python is denoted by the # character. It is used to add explanatory or descriptive text within the code that is not executed by the interpreter. Single-line comments are helpful for providing context or making notes in the code.

5) In which language is Python written?

The Python language itself is implemented in C programming language.

6) What is the method inside the class in the Python language?

A method in the Python language is a function defined inside a class. It is associated with an instance of the class and can access and manipulate its attributes. Methods are an essential part of object-oriented programming in Python.

7) Types of comments in Python:

In Python, there are two types of comments:

a) Single-line comments: These comments are denoted by the # character and span only a single line.


# This is a single-line comment

b) Multi-line comments: These comments span multiple lines and are enclosed between triple quotes (“”” or ”’).


This is a multi-line comment
spanning multiple lines