Create a WhatsApp Bot Using Python – Mini Project Tutorial

So users in this post we will se how to create a WhatsApp bot using python it will help you with real time automated conversational experience on the messaging app, with the help of WhatsApp Business API integration.

What is WhatsApp Bot – It is basically automated chat system.

Creating a WhatsApp Bot Using Python Codes are Given Below.

import pywhatkit
from datetime import datetime

now =

chour = now.strftime("%H")
mobile = input('Enter Mobile No of Receiver : ')
message = input('Enter Message you wanna send : ')
hour = int(input('Enter hour : '))
minute = int(input('Enter minute : '))


What Operation Can be Performed by this WhatsApp Bot.

  • Pass Your massage automatic

Steps to follow:-

  • Put your details
  • connect with internet
  • Pass your message

How to Run the App:-

  • Create virtual Environment
  • Install requirements pip install requirements.txt
  • run app python
WhatsApp chat bot

Requirements for the App:-

pywhatkit – Its a Python library which has various helpful features and doesn’t required to do additional setup.

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