Breached Forum Closed: Possible FBI Compromise

Breached Forum Closed: Possible FBI Compromise

Breached Forums, a popular forum for discussing hacking and data breaches, has been shut down due to suspected FBI involvement. The forum’s administrator, Baphomet, made the announcement on the project’s Telegram channel. Baphomet expressed concern about the safety of the forum’s users and revealed the reason for his suspicions in an attached post.

Reasons for the Closure

The closure of Breached Forums is due to suspicions that the FBI gained access to one of the servers used by Pompompurin, a hacker who was recently arrested. Baphomet, the administrator of Breached Forums, blocked Pompompurin from access to the forum immediately after the arrest but later discovered an unknown entrance on one of the CDNs. The administrator suspects the FBI of this breach and decided to close down the forum to prevent any further harm to its users.

IntelX and the Collapse of Breached Forums

IntelX, a company that provides services for tracking data breaches, was involved in the deanonymization of Pompompurin, which led to his arrest. The company seems to be celebrating the collapse of Breached Forums, as it claims that its actions were instrumental in this outcome.

Statistics and Figures

According to the Twitter account of IntelX, the last day that the Breached Forum was online (March 20) saw almost a million messages, over 47,000 discussion threads, more than 330,000 registered users, and a peak one-time stay of 17,642 people. Additionally, all of Pompompurin’s Twitter posts were collected into a single file.

Implications and Concerns

The closure of Breached Forums is a significant development for the hacking and cybersecurity community. The forum was known for hosting discussions on the latest data breaches and vulnerabilities, as well as for providing a platform for hackers to share information and collaborate. The possible compromise by the FBI highlights the ongoing tensions between the hacking community and law enforcement agencies.

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